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My professional experience and qualifications make me an excellent candidate for the post advertised. With this post I bring both subject matter expertise and knowledge to the criteria you seek.

I have worked both as a company employee and as an independent consultant in the field of social media management/coordination for the last five years. My most recent job with Oddly (Sri Lanka) has enabled me to get a deep understanding of both social media and marketing. Over the time I have been with this company I produced content for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Flicker, and LinkedIn for a number of clients both nationally and internationally. Many of the projects I worked on have received wide recognition and prizes.


I have directly applied my skills in social media marketing and monitoring using a business-oriented approach through which I created digital content designed to drive engagement using, among others, scheduling and monitoring software such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Facebook analytics. The regular use of standard office computer packages (Excel, Word, Power Point) and Google docs (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms) features in all my work, which includes, among others, SEO-driven blog posts, writing, editing and monitoring content for client websites, client presentations, monthly social media and web-engagement reports.

Being part of the social media landscape constantly exposes me to a multiplicity of changes in the industry, trends, and tendencies. A keen eye for up-to-date developments is particularly crucial in the work I do independently as consultant and advisor, for example in my most recent consultancies with the British commercial company Geofre (e.g. content creation, marketing strategies, product promotion), and the Sri Lankan art gallery Galleryscapes (previously known as Crimson Spaces Gallery) (e.g. audience targeting, brand awareness, digital consultancy).

Working on both short- and long-term targets is part of my everyday work with all my clients, as I ensure that Facebook ads increase the traffic aimed at specific audiences, and run SEO to ascertain that websites appear high on the list of search results while following industry’s best practice.

During my experience at Oddly I have been exposed to web design, and also developed a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. This has enabled me to take on some projects where I could put my knowledge into practice. Taking part in UX/UI design sprints I got to learn about the processes that go into creating a website. While I feel comfortable to redo theme-based WordPress websites, my strength is the creation of platform-based websites such as SquareSpace and Wix from start to finish.

As my job requires communicating with clients from a variety of industries, I am accustomed to changing the way I deliver my messages, which need adapting to different publics and cohorts both in writing and verbally. What is more, as part of my job as a senior social media coordinator, I regularly train junior assistants and interns, run workshops for clients, and instruct trainees. My enthusiasm brings me to take initiative and suggest innovations, and betterments within my team and external partners, from UX designers, to marketing executives.


The extreme pressure of working in a digital environment, where speed and efficiency are paramount, requires that my dedication exceeds the expectations of clients and employers. As a result, I often work under pressure and toward tight deadlines. What is more, the frequent interaction with international clients operating in different time zones also demands occasional responses outside working hours. Consequently, my job is flexible by default, and necessitates ad hoc adjustments to meet the demands of the requests I receive.


While photography is not currently part of my job, I have substantial experience with both still photography and time-based media. I am happy to engage with new technologies and devices that may help me maximise my skills and knowledge, and expand my understanding of social media dynamics, and operations. I am a keen team player, motivated and passionate about communication technologies. Given the opportunity, I would be an extremely good asset for Informa markets, as the position you advertise would be an opportunity to consolidate in one position the skills I developed in a variety of different contexts and working environments.

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